Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thunderous storm drenches La Mirada, two more storms are on the way

Jan 31, 2019. LM NewsBeat staff report

La Mirada- The first of three storms expected to soak the La Mirada area over the next week dropped more than an inch rain and delivered quite a punch before moving out of the area this evening.

Yes there was rain, and there was wind, but shortly after 11 a.m. it was the thunder that will not be soon forgotten by some.  Every social media site imaginable was buzzing as scores of people in La Mirada and Whittier were stunned after their homes shook, and pets ran for cover.  Many claimed it was the loudest thunder they had ever heard.

One Creek Park area resident told La Mirada Newsbeat that she saw a huge lightning bolt traveling horizontally across the sky before the thunderous clap that was more like an explosion.

No damage was reported to either to Los Angeles County Fire and Norwalk Sheriff's Station from that lightning strike.

During the storm, CHP officers and paramedics responded to an injury accident at Imperial Hwy.and Burgess Ave at 11:13 a.m. that blocked several lanes of traffic for about an hour. None of the parties had serious injuries.

Shortly after 3 p.m. deputies and Engine 194 from the Beach Blvd. fire station responded to the Coyote Creek near Hillsborough Dr to check on the well-being of a man observed climbing over the fence that separates the bike path from the flood control channel. 

The caller told a Sheriff's dispatcher that there was a concern the man was in danger of falling into the raging water.  The fire crew stationed just around the corner found no sign of the man or any danger when they arrived several minutes later

Today's storm billed as just a teaser to the second storm that is expected to up three inches of rain this weekend packed quite a punch with three hours of rain and winds gusting to 20 miles an hour left another 1.16 inches of precipitation bringing the January total to 6.02 inches and 8.97" since the rain season began.
A look at Storm #2 expected overnight tomorrow.

The National Weather Service office in Oxnard is forecasting a mostly sunny day Friday, with the next storm moving in late Friday with rain likely overnight after 10 p.m. Forecasters expect a cold front moving in from the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast will draw in warmer and more unstable subtropical moisture from the southwest producing an eight-hour period of rain packing strong winds during the day Saturday with up to three inches of rain possible in the La Mirada area before the system moves out Sunday.

A third system will move through the area on Monday and Tuesday, with the next period of dry weather not being expected until Wednesday.

Rain amounts forecast to fall in the next storm late Friday and into Saturday.
Courtesy: NWS/Oxnard

written by La Mirada NewsBeat

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