Sunday, February 17, 2019

City approves proposal holding property owners responsible for illegal fireworks use

La Mirada City Council report

The city council handled a number of important issues at its most recent regular session including:

A major change has been approved to the city municipal code that will begin holding property owners responsible for illegal firework activity that is occurring on their property after a volley of complaints from angry residents last summer.

The fine for each violation is set at $1,000. 

Deputies that were patrolling the city last year around the 4th of July last year confirm claims by residents that the problem was worse in 2018 than in recent years.  

The city code that has been on the books since 2009 allowing the city to levy a $1,000 fine to the violator has largely been ineffective at deterring scofflaws because it was hard to pinpoint the actual person setting off the device.

The city has not stated how the new provisions are going to be used this summer during what many believe will be a renewed effort to make a noticeable reduction of the nuisance.

No mention was made at the meeting about another idea that was being studied that would have had the city deploying camera-equipped drones to hunt down violators.


⚫    The council approved a new city code regulating sidewalk vendors to comply with legislation passed by the state legislature and signed into law last year. 

Local governments may no longer ban sidewalk vendors and they are now allowed along public streets and in parks. Regulations concerning health and safety aspects are permitted, but imposing a ban in certain areas of a community is not allowed.

Vendors will be required to obtain all of the licenses and permits required of any business in the city as well as show proof of having a seller's permit from the state to collect sales tax and a health permit from the county.

To protect the safety of the public there will be a prohibition from operating within 15 feet of an intersection and 10 feet from a driveway and must be done from sidewalks only with an area of four feet being clear for the public to pass by. Transactions with motorists or other persons in a vehicle will not be permitted.

Sales in residential areas will not be allowed from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. and vendors will need to provide a receptacle for collecting trash.

A fee of $110 was established to recover the costs for processing and issuing a permit.

⚫    A contract was approved for the next phase of residential area infrastructure repair and rehabilitation in a large section of La Mirada in the west end of the city.

The $7.93 million contract was awarded to R.J. Noble of Orange and includes all residential areas east of Valley View and west of Biola Av that are south of the Milan Creek just north of Gardenhill Park to Stage Rd in the south.

This phase will exhaust the remaining revenue collected from the five-year Measure I sales tax as well as from several transportation specific revenues the city receives.

The work to be performed includes repair or replacement of any compromised street surfaces, sidewalks, gutters, and curbs, installation of handicap ramps at intersections, and slurry seal pavement.

The contract also includes a storm drain repair along the Valley View Ave frontage road and an upgrade to a catch basin on Castellon Rd.

R.J. Noble was awarded another city contract last October for the Leffingwell Rd rehabilitation project and has previously worked on many large projects in Orange County including toll roads, and Tustin Ranch Rd among many.

  The council approved a proposal to become a local receiving point for passport applications by the United States Department of State.  The city will collect a $35 fee to recover the costs for conducting the transaction.

⚫    Longtime resident Harry Scott was appointed to the Historical Preservation Advisory Council.  Scott is pursuing his passion for history after retiring from a 37-year career with United Parcel Service where he was a supervisor.


  1. La Habra has made Fireworks in their city illegal. There are many places families can celebrate by watching legal fireworks. Our city already has a free fireworks display at La Mirada Regional Park.. I believe the city of La Mirada should consider Fireworks in the city of La Mirada illegal for residents. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. The problem with the city celebration at the park is the crowds. It's not worth it. I would much prefer doing my own safe and sane fireworks on the 4th, and skipping any overcrowded city event.