Friday, February 1, 2019

LM school locked down after pursuit of armed suspect ends nearby

Feb. 1, 2019  written by LM NewsBeat 

La Mirada-  An armed suspect Sheriff's detectives deemed armed and
dangerous was arrested after leading deputies on a vehicle chase that ended just yards from a school playground full over children this morning.

At about 9:44 a.m. Friday morning Sheriff's detectives observed La Mirada man they recognized from the Foster Park area that had a felony warrant driving a with a passenger in a car they suspected was stolen in Norwalk.

Detectives began following the vehicle equipped with Idaho license plates that dispatchers learned belonged on another vehicle until back-up to stop the car arrived.

Before more deputies arrived the suspects now on Norwalk Blvd near Alondra Blvd tossed what appeared to be a gun from the car and then attempting to evade deputies at the headed east on Alondra Blvd and into La Mirada.

You can find pics and a video at this link submitted via twitter taken near the Escalona Av vehicle stop

Pursuing deputies observed two more items tossed from the vehicle before turning onto residential streets near Windermere Park, heading north on Dalmation Ave.

It would have been wrong to call this a high-speed chase since the vehicle was kept under 25 mph on residential streets, and under 50 on Alondra Blvd.

The pursuit came to a sudden halt as a Sheriff's helicopter arrived overhead at Escalona Rd. and Neartree Rd. next to Escalona Elementary School as students in the school playground area looked on from just yards away.

Seeing the police activity just beyond the school fence, Escalona school stuff immediately went into lockdown mode and hustled all the students inside quickly.

The two suspects were taken into custody without further incident, and Escalona School was given the all clear after only a few minutes.

After the scene of the vehicle-stop was secure, deputies went back and traced the path of the five-minute pursuit attempting to find the items thrown from the car earlier.

Deputies recovered a gun at one location, and drugs at the other two spots.

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