Monday, February 4, 2019

Crime in La Mirada Part One: Crime fell 8.9% in 2018, see all the numbers

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Monday, Feb. 4

Written by Paul Martin-LM NewsBeat

The number of reported crimes tracked nationally by the F.B.I. fell  8.9% in La Mirada last year after experiencing three years of increases according to a Sheriff's Department report.

The report delivered even better news, the violent crime rate took an even bigger drop, falling 14.42% from 104 incidents in 2017 to 84 last year.

Deputies documented 921 major crimes in the city in 2018, down from the 1,011 that were reported in 2017.

Major crimes are defined as those that are tracked across the nation by the FBI and are known as Part One crimes.  Part One statistics are placed into two categories-violent crimes including rape and robbery, and the second group is crimes involving the theft of property.

The news that crime started to fall again last year is encouraging, and a welcome change after the La Mirada crime rate skyrocketed 39.6%  over the previous three years from 2015 through 2017, mostly from a spike from thefts.  

The crime trends experienced by La Mirada in recent years mirror the experiences of most of the other cities and communities policed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department that saw a 7.76% reduction of crime department-wide.

                                  2018     2017    Change

Homicide                      1          2           -1
Rape                             6          7           -1
Robbery                       22        34         -12
Aggravated Assault*    60        61         -1

Total Violent Crimes     84       104       -15     -14.42%

Burglary                       128       143        -15
Larceny Theft**            580       625        -45
Grand Theft Auto         121       138        -17
Arson                            3            1           +3

Total Property Crimes   832       907       -75     -8.27%

Total Part I Crimes        921       1,011     -90     -8.9%

* Crimes classified as aggravated assaults include those occurring with or where an attempt was made to use a weapon in the course of crime as well as physical assaults where a significant injury was sustained.

** Larceny thefts include thefts from vehicles, shoplifting, and pretty much the taking of anything else not locked away.

Later this week: How does La Mirada compare to neighboring communities,  and what do the experts have to say about how realignment and Prop. 47 and crime trends as it relates to our city.

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