Thursday, May 30, 2019

Judge frees man that stabbed woman last month with time served

Norwalk-  A 45 year-old La Mirada man was ordered released from jail Wednesday after agreeing to make a plea of no contest to the lesser of two felony charges that were filed after a stabbing incident at a condo near Creek Park on April 27.

Monish Bandodkar was arrested after deputies sent to investigate an incomplete 911 call at the Creek Park Condos at 12203 Santa Gertrudes Ave found a person with stab wounds in front of one of the condos on their arrival that occurred during a domestic dispute.

Bandodkar had a change of heart during the second day of a preliminary trial that would have determined if there was enough evidence to proceed to a criminal trial. 

The deal struck freed him from custody the same day included a 66-day sentence which with time credits worked out to an actual 33 days to be served which coincidentally just happened to be the same number of says Bandodkhar had already been in jail.

 The deal also came with three years of formal probation, no fine, and a more serious charge of assault with a deadly being dismissed.

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  1. Be careful voting for judges when they are up for reelection. Look at their record for letting violent criminals out of jail. If this was between a man and wife, he will do it again, and maybe this time with a loss of life. Arguements should never be settled with knifes or guns.