Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Meet the man, well one of them anyway, that has been breaking into cars overnight

La Mirada News has been reviewing a series of video taken by homeowners of the Ring security system and are able to attribute a series of thefts from unlocked vehicles to at least two men early this morning.

A Toyota pickup driven by our suspects can be seen in this first video after a motion sensor detected movement near a home near the second video in East Whittier in the area of Homeland Dr and Garydale Dr.  The second video taken seven minutes later in the same immediate area is the clearest video so far of the suspect and the truck he drives.

It appears the suspects eventually head west which makes appears to implicate them in a vehicle break-in near Stamy Rd and Midcrest Dr.

At 3:20 a.m. it appears they are now further west into South Whittier near Archway Dr and Mulberry Dr (one block west of La Mirada Blvd) rattling doors in hopes of finding a car unlocked. 

As the suspect leaves the driveway and is behind the car you can see a quick image of a second person crossing his path and appears to be an accomplice.

11 minutes later we can see the man from 2;47 a.m. clearly in the final video after having just broken into a vehicle near Archway Dr and Anola St as he leaves the car he just pillaged.

The truck appears to be an older-model Toyota pickup with an Xtra cab and is either a light gray, silver, or champagne color.

I welcome your remarks, opinions, or observations.


  1. Where do we call if we see this vehicle, La Mirada, Norwalk or 911?

    1. I would say if you see the guy call 911 since he is wanted and requires an immediate response. If you have information about who he is call Norwalk Station on the business line at 5620 863-8711.