Sunday, November 24, 2019

Commentary: The status of La Mirada's homeless Part 1 Stumbling across a camp that right under the nose of commuters

Originally posted with only minor changes on Facebook Mon. Nov. 18
Just feet into  Orange County a camp is located
under this Beach Blvd gateway marker.
(La MIrada News photos)

News media coverage of homeless encampments at Parnell Park and Leffingwell Ranch Park in East Whittier many local residents are fearful that the problem could take hold here too.

Who could blame residents here from being anxious after seeing images on Channel 4 of a tent city in a city park, a disheveled and belligerent woman lashing out at a news photographer, or a man that allegedly struck a school principal urinating in public as examples of what is taking place daily just a mile outside their city?  

After taking a close look across the city that totaled close to eight hours over a three-day period I feel comfortable saying as Whittier has seen the problem grow over the past year, La Mirada has experienced due to a team effort approach.

I welcome your comments and observations.  Your voice is important.  This is your community.

The first stop on the homeless tour was to be the Coyote Creek flood control, but as I walked towards to access the location I stumbled upon the camp that was pictured in a post early this morning that is right next to the sidewalk along the west side of Beach Bl. south of Rosecrans Av. just outside the city limits. 

Underneath the Buena Park gateway marker within two feet of the pedestrian walkway and less than ten feet of the road, I found a camp that was more elaborate than most featuring many of the comforts of home including electricity, a heater and my personal favorite, a microwave oven. 

The camp takes advantage of four separate and spread out electrical outlets attached to the ground that was easily popped open enabling the maze of electrical extension cords that was observed stretching around the campsite. 

While it's hard to say when the camp was established, I can guess based on the sophistication and the wear on the landscaping that this did not just pop up in recent days or weeks. 

You can point your fingers in the direction of Buena Park City Hall on this one. 

Coming up Part 2: What I found in La Mirada. Here's a spoiler: I was very happy with what I found.