Sunday, February 9, 2020

Ranting man brings traffic to a standstill at a La Mirada intersection

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La Mirada-

A man thought to be having some sort of mental crisis or reaction to drug use brought traffic to a standstill Saturday afternoon at a busy La Mirada intersection. 

Norwalk and La Mirada Sheriff's Stations began receiving multiple calls about a man that was walking in traffic and throwing items at passing traffic on Santa Gertrudes Av and Ashgrove Dr at 2:16 p.m 

Before going in traffic the man damaged a parkway tree throwing parts of it in the roadway,

Arriving shortly after the call was dispatched this writer observed that traffic on Santa Gertrudes Av was at a complete standstill as a shirtless man ranted and approached motorists stopped in their cars trying to avoid the disturbed man as he walked northbound in the middle of the roadway.

As the raging man approached the intersection with Rosecrans Av a lone deputy arrived on the scene and seeing the man was at an elevated level of crisis requested immediate help from other deputies. 

The response to this emergency call for help would be complicated by another emergency call that came in at the same time involving a gun at Biola Av and Rosecrans Av. More on this below.

The lone deputy was joined by a number of men that looked like they could take care of business and they quickly joined in an effort to contain the ranting man who was darting all around the intersection. I would later learn the men that stopped to help were off-duty peace officers.

The man took off running as back-up deputies arrived and the man was taken down without further incident at the driveway to Temple Beth Ohr.

Just six minutes into the above incident 911 dispatchers received another emergency call that a male in a gray Hyundai Genesis sedan pointed a gun at them while driving at the intersection of Biola Av and Rosecrans Av

Initially, deputies were unable to locate the armed man but there is workable information available for detectives to conduct an investigation.

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