Thursday, February 27, 2020

Endorsements for La Mirada City Council

When looking at which candidate is best suited to serve on the city council, La Mirada Newsbeat considered several factors in making that selection.

The candidate should be engaged with the community and be knowledgeable of issues and concerns they have and be able to define either a current or proposed course of action to deal with it. 

Just as important is determining the candidate that is best able to perform the day-to-day work of the council which includes sound decision making, the skill of diplomacy and the ability to listen, to work as a team player, will represent the city in a positive manner in the eyes of the public as well as with other elected officials and government agencies and much more.

The experience an incumbent possesses along with their track record of performance holds a tremendous value that must be weighed carefully against the knowledge, education, and experience a challenger offers or in the case of District 5 what each candidate has on their resume. 

In District 5 an open seat there are three newcomers vying for the seat.  The candidacy of Matthew Morse, a planning commissioner is problematic due to a lack of experience, knowledge of the city and its issues and a refusal to correct false statements.

Morse is running on a platform that is almost a carbon copy of that of District 4 candidate Jackie Fowler making several false claims that depict the city and current city council in a negative light. 

When presented with facts that refute his accusations it is troubling that Morse refuses to recant and correct the allegation he makes that the city was responsible for nearly ending a youth soccer program season of play last fall. 

A statement that the city receives zero revenue from all the warehouses that are tearing up city streets with their trucks could not be farther from the truth. 

The city generates more per capita from the 1% sales tax the state returns to local cities than Fullerton, La Habra, Whittier and Norwalk receive.  That is directly attributable to the industrial section of the city where 22 of the 25 highest sales tax-generating businesses in the city are located. Warehouses are keeping the lights on at City Hall, Behringer Park and more.

Also contending for the District 5 seat is Noel Jaimes, a man who has has been involved in the community for many years who is running on a platform of 'institutional knowledge'. Jaimes is a fine ambassador and promoter of the city as a director on the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce but he falls short his message falls short when compared to the vision and experience Anthony Otero offers.

Otero is a police lieutenant with a major Southland police agency with an educational background that has placed him in that operations unit that directs the field operations of a department that fields hundreds of officers at one time as well as implements and directs its new anti-crime initiatives.

The stack of endorsements Otero has received is impressive and says a lot about what other leaders think of his qualifications for public office.

Otero has been involved in youth programs in the community including sports and currently as a Scoutmaster and can be seen attending community events. 

His work experience and associated achievements, education, and mentoring youth suggest strong leadership skills, the ability to get things done, and someone who can be counted on to step up and lead in times of trouble or tragedy.

La Mirada Newsbeat endorses Anthony Otero's candidacy.

In District 3 incumbent Ed Eng is seeking a second term is running against challenger John Accornero a local real estate agent.

Acconero is an enthusiastic and likable man but lacks experience in city government. John Accornero is encouraged to focus his enthusiasm on a number of opportunities for community service that has been the pathway to elected office for so many others.

Ed Eng receives the endorsement from La Mirada Newsbeat in District 3.  

Preparing our youth to succeed as adults in a changing world through education is important to Mr. Eng who knows firsthand the value education played in allowing him to escape poverty and become the man he is today.

Ed Eng wants to expand opportunities for local youth by bringing a center of technology that will house both educational facilities and corporations that market technology in one place. La Mirada Newsbeat supports this vision 100%.

In District 4 two are running for the seat including incumbent Steve De Ruse and challenger Jackie Fowler.

De Ruse brings to the community several decades of service to the community, two-terms of leadership and knowledge, and a level of integrity and honesty that should serve as an example to others seeking public office.

Mayor De Ruse played a very important part in guiding the city through some of the dark days of tough budgeting in the fallout of one of the worst recessions experienced in this country since the Great Depression.

Both De Ruse and Eng should be applauded for successfully crafting a budget with a general fund surplus of more than $3 million while each of our neighbors is making cuts, raiding earmarked savings and cutting positions. 

Lacking any stated community involvement Jackie Fowler and daughter Krystal's antics in recent weeks, and a compromised platform make the District 4  endorsement an easy one.

La Mirada Newsbeat endorses Steve De Ruse in his bid for a third term on March 3rd.

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