Friday, February 21, 2020

La Mirada Political News Update Part 2- A councilman calls for a resignation and more from Krystal

Part I can be viewed at the following link:

Krystal Part Deux

It would have been hard to predict ahead of time that the daughter of a little known candidate for city council would be the trigger that unleashed all the hostility at last week's council session 

La Mirada News has learned that Krystal Fowler, the daughter of District 4 candidate Jackie Fowler who apparently lives under the same roof attended the meet-and-greet for incumbent Mayor Steve De Ruse using her married name Smith is seen as a poor attempt to mask her identity.  

The Fowler's live on the same block less than 1,000 feet from where the De Ruse event was held so Fowler and her children were quickly identified by some in attendance.

The day before last week's city council meeting, Krystal Fowler appeared on NextDoor stating she had not misrepresented who she was by telling others at Mayor Steve De Ruse's campaign event her last name was Smith because it is her married name that she currently uses and she has not used Fowler in 12 years.

Evidence to the contrary rests in the fact that she is registered on NextDoor and presented herself during the city council session as Krystal Fowler and the name in her professional role as Assistant Director at Empty Nest, the pre-school owned by her mother, Jackie Fowler. 

In a civil online exchange with the Misty Cota chairperson of the city's Community Services Commission, Krystal Fowler stated the reason she went to Mayor Steve De Ruse's campaign event was to learn more about De Ruse for herself and not take the word others.

The younger Fowler has not denied or offered any reason or explanation for allegedly causing a disruption at the De Ruse meet-and-greet or offered any details about her statement that she was forced to pose for a photo at the event.

Krystal Fowler has also failed to explain why she used the word 'violence' when describing the exchange after the candidate's forum at La Mirada High School on Feb. 3rd. Witnesses to the clash tell La Mirada NewsBeat that it was entirely verbal and no threats were made.

Community rallies in support of Misty Cota

Councilmember Andrew Sarega who has stayed below the radar for most of his second term following a first term that saw regular clashes with the rest of the council has returned to old form last week by first taking aim at the mayor the at a city commission member,

Sarega did not mention the mayor by name but it was quite clear who he was lecturing on the need as elected officials to have a thick skin and public speakers (his father) should have been allowed to speak and not muzzled because the line he considered to be unacceptable in society had not been crossed.

Sarega then went on to call for the resignation of Misty Cota, a city Community Services Commission member for allegedly using her position "to put out information disparaging" towards him. He called the alleged remark that he did not belong on the council disturbing since he was elected by the voters.

Sarega did not provide any information about how and to whom the comments by Cota were made.

It appears Sarega's rant may have had the effect of solidifying support for and raising the visibility that Cota enjoys in the community according to comments made by several elected officials and by supporters on social media,

After seeing the rally of support Cota drew from the community, District 3 candidate John Accornero commented on NextDoor "maybe it's a good thing Andrew never endorsed me."  

In addition to serving on the Community Services Commission, Cota donates countless hours volunteering on local organizations including the La Mirada Ebell and can be seen either attending or lending a hand at most every community event and fundraiser.

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