Monday, May 25, 2020

Last minute effort ensures those that made the ultimate sacrifice were still honored this Memorial Day

La Mirada-

Passing by Olive Lawn Memorial Park a sea of American flags shines brightly across the rolling green hills from end-to-end in honor of military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice in battle defending the nation as well as those that were willing to lay down their life if called upon in defense of America.

It first looked like the annual tribute would be just another of the many casualties to the COVID-19 social distancing precautions that have shuttered public gathering places across the country.

Credit La Mirada's newest council member Anthony Otero's determination to ensure that local veterans would be remembered for the sacrifice they made when he called upon local Boy Scouts Troop 438 in putting together the effort at the last minute.

Led by Otero, the scouts from Troop 438 gathered at the cemetery Friday morning and placed a flag at the gravesite of each veteran.

Amidst the sea of flags, row after row, flags now wave across the rolling hillsides at the final resting sites of hundreds of men and women who have protected our nation including many who fought in World War I, Korea, World War II, and Vietnam.

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