Tuesday, January 4, 2022

La Mirada Crime: Deputies are finding success keeping the surge out of this city

La Mirada is not seeing the big upswing in crime many other areas across the region, state, and nation are experiencing according to crime statistics through the end of November of 2021 when compared to the previous year.

Deputies logged 726 crimes of theft and violence during the first 11 months of 2021 surpassing the 718 reported during the same time period in 2020, a 1.1% increase.

There was good news in the latest crime report. Violent crime fell 15.3% through November 30 from 85 to 72 led by a large drop in aggravated assaults that were off 25.5%

Violent crimes through Nov 30

                               2020   2021

Homicide                  0         1

Rape                          6       10

Robbery                   25       20

Agg Assault             55       41

All Violent Crimes  85       72

A modest 3.3% increase in crime overall was reported through the end of November 2021 due to a large increase in vehicle theft. There was one bright spot. A 20.2% reduction in burglaries to homes and businesses 

Burglary                 99      79

Larceny Theft        405    417

Vehicle Theft         127    157

Arson                       2        1

All Property Crime 633   654

Arguably the dollar loss associated with crime in 2021 would likely be higher considering high losses experienced from a rise in catalytic converter theft and auto theft when compared to theft from unlocked autos of past years.

Many other cities patrolled by deputies have seen alarming increases in crime in the past year including a 29% increase in Cerritos led by 90% more vehicle thefts and a 44% increase in robberies while Pico Rivera had seen violent crime jump 35%.

The number of cities experiencing more crime far outweighs the few that had seen it fall where the sheriff's department is under contract for police protection.

One local city is seeing tangible results in its fight against crime. In Norwalk where voters approved a one cent public safety sales tax last year has seen a 36% drop in violent crime after it deployed more resources including a second special problems team of deputies. 

When property crimes are factored in crime has fallen in Norwalk more than 15% from the same time period in 2020.

One man who knows something about crime, former County District Attorney Steve Cooley says residents and local officials in now safe suburban areas should not to be complacent warning the surge of brazen crimes just starting to be seen in once safe places such as Lakewood, and well-to-do Westside neighborhoods is coming and to be prepared for it.

In an interview with California Insider, Cooley blames the recent surge on current District Attorney George Gascon' policies of charging the lowest possible offense and not charging criminals with enhancements when using a weapon, previous strikes and not asking defendants to be held on bail.

The Cooley interview can be viewed down below.

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